Make The College Connection!

"No one knows college... like College Connection!
"No one knows college... like College Connection!
In addition to "up close and personal" (as in, "We are always here to help!"), you can avail yourself of the resources of College Connection, and the wit and wisdom of The College Whisperer™, through the following links:

Website: www.CollegeConnect.info

The blog: www.TheCollegeWhisperer.com

Facebook: The College Whisperer Facebook Page

Twitter: @GetCollege

Patch blog: The College Whisperer on Patch 

Be sure to check in regularly at College Cafe, for essential links, resources, and reads.

And, of course, we be reached at any time by cell phone, text message, email and smoke signal (smoke signal rates may apply :-).

Remember, College Happens. College Connection can help
- - -

Plan. Prepare. Prevail!  

Before college applications, the Common App, CSS Profile, FAFSA, financial aid forms, and the whole college application and admissions process get to you, you need to get to us! 

Whether applying to college, paying for college, planning for college, or just thinking about college, contact us at COLLEGE CONNECTION, home of The College Whisperer™ and Official Sponsor of College Admission Success™. No one knows college admissions like COLLEGE CONNECTION. No one! 516-345-8766 

Find out why they say COLLEGE CONNECTION is, "The best darn college planner on Long Island!"

For up-to-the-minute news, apps, info and insights on college applications, admissions, scholarships and just about everything college, follow The College Whisperer™ on Twitter. 


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